Other People Have a Nationality



This year I am curating for the Fringe Arts Bath (FaB) festival again and am very proud to annoucne this year's theme: OTHER PEOPLE HAVE A NATIONALITY.
















This project is going life with two open-calls:


 >   > Submit a video with your answer to the question ‘What is home?’: this video can be as you wish, filmed with your phone, animated, properly screened, involving friends…! Make it no longer than 3 minutes and send it over!


 >   > Call for art work about the topic of ‘Home’: as broad and as narrow as ‘home’ can get, every interpretation is accepted. Installations, kinetic work, new media, performance and film only.


Interested? Email nationality@fringeartsbath.co.uk to submit.

Deadline Monday 27 March 2017.


>  > more information and further Fringe Arts Bath open calls here

“Other people have a nationality. The Jews and the                                                        Irish have a psychosis.” – Brendan Behan


An exhibition project about the concept of home.


Everybody has at least one ‘home’, it is an abstract

word that relates to a set idea of a place but is rather

determined by personal experience.


It relates to heritage, nationality, family background,                                               personal story, travel experience, cultural background,

religion – only naming a few factors.

31 March - 24 April 2017





Posters in different sizes and editions will be on show.


Participating artists:

Alexander Gehring, Aljoscha Burtchen, Andrea Schulze Wilmert,

Anja Köhne, Anky Brandt, Ann Schomburg, Brigit Edelmann,

Catrine Val, Christine Gensheimer, Daniel v. Bothmer, Ekachai Eksaroj,

Flaut M. Rauch, Fritz Laszlo Weber, Groth&Vidal, Holger Jenss,

Ines Christine Geisser, Jens-Ole Remmers, Jero Jeremias,

Jette Stokholm, Katz & Fuchs, Kirsten Carina Geisser, Klaus Cornfield,

La Belle Imira, Lars Rosenbohm, Linda J. Knop, Maja Oschmann,

Marc Jung, Martin Rost, Marven Graf, Max Hänisch, Max Sand,

Mehtap Baydu, Melanie Vogel, Michael Rockel, Olaf Val,

Olga Holzschuh, Rene Wagner, Romina Abate, Rosa Violetta Grötsch,

Ryeung Moon Kim, Sabine Schlunk, Sally Schütz, Sascha Boldt,

Seung Hyun Baek, Shpresa Faqi, Stefan Geyer, Sveta Antonova,

Thomas Reymann, Tjorg Douglas Beer, Veronika Merklein


>   > LAGE


Private View 31 March, 7.30 pm

Show continues until 24 April


LAGE Besprechung, 24 April, 7.30 pm


open TUE and THU 4 - 7 pm and by appointment

LAGE   Elfbuchenstr. 20   34119 Kassel   GERMANY

21 - 26 Feb 2017




An exhibition celebrating text in art of all forms,

curated by Sveta Antonova and Kelly O'Brien.


As my artistic research manifests in linguistics and language I am

very excited ot be part of this project: ART+TEXT 2017.

We selected about 50 international artists from 200 submissions to

be part of this fabulous show.

Next year defintely again!


>   > ART+TEXT exhibition


>   > ART+TEXT on Facebook


Private View 21 Feb, 6 - 8 pm

Show continues until 26 Feb


TTT - Tour, Talk & Text, 26 Feb, 3 pm


Open daily:  12pm – 6pm,  (Sun 1pm – 4 pm)

44AD artspace, 4 Abbey St, Bath, BA1 1NN, UK

11 - 22 January 2017




Curated by Sveta Antonova


This exhibition showcases the varying thoughts, processes and resultant artworks from 44AD’s Associate artists, all responding to the word ACCENT.


The word ACCENT is derived from Latin accentus, a 'song added to speech'.

Accents closely connect us to our heritage. They can define us, place us, even be it as the unfamiliar. Accents compose personality. Furthermore, accent is used in Fine Art as the expression of a singular, strong, colourful line or splash of colour.

As central to my practice, I am familiar with what language can evoke and how it can act in a visual art context. Displaying an exciting body of work, ACCENT reveals how this theme can be developed within a broader context through paint, video, installation, performance and more.


Let’s sing along while we speak.


Private View 10 Jan, 6 - 8 pm

Show continues until 22 Jan


Open daily:  12pm – 6pm,  (Sun 1pm – 4 pm)

44AD artspace, 4 Abbey St, Bath, BA1 1NN, UK





‘Heimatgefuehl’ is my research topic for 2017 – still closely tied in with linguistics I am planning on travelling, making and curating around this topic in the near future.


A show for the 2017 Fringe Arts Bath festival is lined up in summer, half-through my research, curating other artist’s work on the topic.


 >  >

Heimat is often considered a particularly German concept, because it does not have perfect semantic equivalents in many European languages, including English. Heimat refers to a place towards which one has a strong feeling of belonging, and a deep-rooted fondness. Most commonly this is one's native region, but it may also be that where one has lived for long, where one's family are, or where one feels at home for whatever reason.

Even if it refers to a country, it is always defined exclusively by a person's emotional ties with it.


Gefuehl: feeling, emotion, sensation, feel